Mission, Vision, Values


To help students navigate resources in order to become successful both inside and outside of the classroom


Student success is measured differently for each student at East Carolina University. Our office addresses students’ individual needs through programming, engagement with resources and supportive services. The Office of the Dean of Students strives to foster an environment conducive to growth and development.


The Office of the Dean of Students achieves excellence by adhering to the Division of Student Affairs’ core values.

Student Centered
We remember that students are central to our mission. Through collaborative partnerships and comprehensive programs and services, we develop opportunities for students to learn, to lead, and to serve East Carolina University.

We value the uniqueness of people, their cultures and their perspectives. We encourage diversity by promoting civility, by providing accessible programming and services, and by cultivating an inclusive community.

We maintain open and transparent communication within the university. Our actions align with our values, as we display honesty, personal responsibility, and fairness.

We place each individual in high regard, by showing them appreciation and courtesy. We honor the contributions of individuals and departments, through tradition, theory and practice.

We demonstrate a commitment to service. We embrace our role as educators to promote personal responsibility, leadership, and service from a campus and global perspective.

We strive to provide high quality, value-added services and educational programs.